Garage Conversion – Extra Living Space the Cost Effective Way

Garage Conversion is proving more and more popular with a variety of people looking to improve their homes, from hard pressed families desperate for some extra living space to those looking to add real panache to their home with a home cinema.

I have been involved with hundreds of garage conversions projects over the last decade and the 10 most popular uses for the completed conversion are

1. Extra reception room
2. Bedroom (with or without ensuite facilities)
3. Home office
4. Playroom for younger children
5. Home Cinema
6. Games room
7. Kitchen extension
8. Downstairs shower wetroom with or without disabled access
9. Home Gym
10.Home studio/workroom

Of course to get this extra room you are going to have to sacrifice at least part of the garage and the impact of this is going to vary, depending on your circumstances and location. If you have sufficient alternative off road parking then it will not trouble you too much and a secure shed can often accommodate much of your storage needs.

los angeles garage conversions contractor,  Well the good news is that most garage conversions do not require Planning Permission, although I am in the habit of obtaining something in writing from the Local Authority to this effect, just for peace of mind. I have been caught out a couple of times when the house is in a conservation area or had had its permitted development rights withdrawn. Building Regulation compliance is always required though, but contrary to most people I see this as a good thing too. In my experience the Local Building Control Officer is invariably helpful and will inspect the work on regular basis. Consequently you have real peace of mind knowing that the work has been independently approved and you will receive a written certificate from the local authority as evidence of this, should you ever come to move home in the future.

How you design the room is very much up to you, my tip is to imagine the room when it is complete, right down to where you will have the furniture and then work back from there. An experienced tradesman will help you ensure that the new room blends in seamlessly. For example I always get my bricklayer to match the brickwork in with the existing house and tooth the new brickwork into the existing, then after a few months of weathering externally the house will look like its always been that way.

Again an experienced professional will ensure that you comply with all relevant Building Regulations such as thermal performance, ventilation, structural performance and electrical and fire safety.

In my opinion it is always worth going that extra yard to ensure things like the internal door and skirting boards etc match those in the existing house. Heating can be kept separate, for example by installing underfloor heating, or if possible, added to the existing house system by connecting a radiator. I often find the direction the room is facing makes a big impact on the heat requirements, obviously a North facing room needs much more heat than a South facing room.

Regarding price, well like most things I suggest you just pay enough to get the job done properly. If you do not pay enough and the room is not fit for purpose then you have just wasted your money, although I respect the fact that everyone needs to make the most of their hard earned cash these days.

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