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If you’re a blogger, football enthusiast, or want to make some affiliate commissions by setting up a specialist  football store – then this is ideal for you. With the World Cup just under way it’s the perfect time to set up a Football related website, especially when it relates to a player who was at the top his game. 

Whether it’s a general football store, or one selling memorabilia or T-Shirts, there are many possibilities.

There’s also the potential for a price comparison website re The George Best International airport, or perhaps a deal with the new George Best Hotel just behind the City Hall in Belfast.

With good search volume and not too much competition it shouldn’t be too difficult to rank this domain on Google front page.


Also included is the promotional intro / outro video you can see above which you’ll have in mp4 format – great for adding branding to any videos you post anywhere online (The domain cost over $100 to register and the video is worth $49 on it’s own!).

Google Search Volume

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